Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Om nom nom nom...

Skippy is eating your stuffie oh noes! (Skippy being a generalzation there on my part, that at least 80% of kangaroo's photographed will have been called skippy at some point, Australian swappers, you can slap me). But oh noes! Careful he doesnt gobble the ginger bread man up. That looks like a really well made stuffie.

Have a look at his little adventure on Creative 'niss's Flickr gallery where it seems this little ginger bread man goes for a walk around an Australian Wildlife sanctury. And spends his daytime chilling around some warm Kangaroo's and even a Koala. Look here. Who's Cuter?
It does make me want to go to the zoo now, but even I couldn't get as close as this little gingerbread man. Fantastic photos though.

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