Saturday, 9 May 2009

Pee-Po Matchbox Dotee

I always pick the things I envy the most. Here i guess is one of those cases where I admire the little chappy inside the matchbox with their happy mini-dotee face and cute green leaf like hair. But that I also admire the little matchbox the fellow travels in. Maybe its the leafy flowery fabric. Actually its almost certainly that. How very cool is it. Its the sort I would buy going, mmmm thats very cool. Then save for that special something, but never actually make it.
Im glad swap-botter: magicjessnrach has the will power to chop it up and make pretty little dotees from it thats for sure. I love the button used on the box too, that I would also save in my horde (yes I have a horde). It looks sewn on, but thats just a few dints in the plastic. Very smartly matched to the fabric too. An Excellent swap for partner swap-botter: ChristyC11.

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