Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Po-Pa Pops in the Post!

Now whats this? I thought to myself as I logged in this morning for a bit of a browse through the swap-bot forums. Its not your usual crafted handmade object. Well no. No its not. But its proof that you dont nessisarily need to be good at hand made objects to swap via. the site. As there is a growing contingent of swap-botters who collect Blind-box toys and swap them with each other.
whats a blind box toy? Well they are toys kind of like those Kinder eggs you get over here in the UK. You buy them and can get a random toy from a st of many. To collect. Its all very exciting. And this one happens to be. No. 1 in a set. Thank you Swap-bot user: Gem for sharing these photos of this little chap. Im sure he really was a wish come true within your collection.

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