Saturday, 28 December 2013

A Little Bit of Sunshine Kindness

Did I mention there was a reason long ago that I stopped doing RAK type mail and it wasnt postage increases. When that happened I switched to European only RAK's. It had more to do with swappers taking advantage of really really nice people and generally being uncurteous when they didnt nessisarily get everything they expected. (which I might add, was stuff for free).

Some frustrating arguments later about it being a  RAK - which stands for Random Act of Kindness. I was completely frustrated with the arrangement and stopped soon after.
However I am always happy to see those who still put them out into the world, because there are some genuine people out there who those RAK's make a difference for, people who for example spend the long days in winter alone, people who need that extra reaching out of human contact for whatever reasons and folks who've generally been stitched up too many times by the swapping world and need the faith restoreing.

I found this picture today on the main Swap-bot page where I find most of the images I comment on and I had to draw attention to it. While yes it is alot of stuff and the person I last RAK'd would proberbly have loved it. They were clearly after stuff. Ignore that. It could be half the content here and still be brilliant. Its well thought out. Bright and varied. Imagine if you were down in the dumps and got this. How ossum would that be?
Its not about the loot inside the envelope sometimes, but the thought behind it.

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and view this package being finished and wrapped here.


  1. I am so flattered. I know what you mean about the RAKs being unappreciated. I don't do many any more because of the "entitlement mentality." However, I feel that this one will go to someone that will be thrilled with some sunshine; a simple profile comment put her over the moon!

    1. It was a few years ago when I stopped, I felt a bit abused, never get into the same situation I did, keep producing beautiful RAK's like this, especially for folks like the one you've mentioned.