Thursday, 26 December 2013

He Didn't Melt Along the Way

Because we moved house, all of my post had to be delivered to my Mr's work place, this meant a great deal of my post arrived with him and he accidentally opened it to find out what it was.
This was the only packet that seemed to avoid such treatment.

The things in the photo are what I recived for a recent winter swap to help get some newbie swap-botters ratings. I occasionally like to support these swaps because I think it always attracts an interesting group of new swappers to the ATC community and I enjoy making things for them.
I love the fact my swap came from Canada and that the lady who sent me my card was so proud, she even sent me a little Canada card, I dont think its an ATC, im not sure what it is, it is the same size as an ATC so I shall add it to my collection anyways, along side the card I received. Which I especially treasure because its a hand drawn card and regardless of the skill level I will always like them more than some of the sticker slapped cards some folks try to pass on.

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